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Pain: An unpleasant discomfort that can range from mild, localized discomfort to agony. However, as human beings we can all agree that pain is an experience that is multidimensional; not only does it effect an individual’s physical wellbeing, but also socially, mentally, emotionally, and spiritual. As your pain persists and continues to go untreated it can impair your performance and make responsibilities at work and family time excruciating.

Pain is the greatest incentive for an induvial to seek attention from a physician. According to Pain Med, 80% of physician visits are due to wanting pain relief. Since we know the complexity of pain relief being so much more than physical it would be for the patient’s best interest to use a holistic approach.

City Health Services practices physical medicine with an integrated approach for a reason. So, we can use the absolute best practice to improve the patient’s quality of life. Along with physical medicine and rehabilitation we also utilize massage therapy.

Massage Therapy: The manipulation of soft tissue to alleviate pain and discomfort. The physical relaxation is one of the sought-after proponents of massage, but studies have shown it promotes mental relaxation and addresses the psychological aspects of a patient’s health conditions.

Why Massage Is Used in Pain Relief?

  • Stimulate Release of Hormones: The “happy hormones” such as serotonin and dopamine encourages relaxation. An increase in relaxation reduces the feelings of anxiety and nervousness, decreasing stress and tension.
  • Lowered Level of Stress Hormones: According to the Mayo Clinic; A 60-minute massage can lower cortisol, a hormone that’s produced in response to stress, by an average of 30 percent.
  • Increase levels of Oxytocin: Oxytocin (OT) is a hormone known to facilitate social bonding and generosity. In a clinical study with Pub Med, the touch associated from Massage Therpahy was able to catlyze this oxytocin in subjects.
  • Reduced Activation of Pain Receptors: A massage aims to reduce pain by disturbing and eliminating the pain signals in your brain.
  • Block Inflammation and Increase Blood Flow: A massage stimulates the bodily fuids inside the body and boosts it’s ability to remove waste products. The elimination of chronic inflammation is pivotal in any recovery program, because it reduces pain, increases strength and helps the individual sleep better.

Massage Therapy Used with Health Treatment

The addition of massage therapy to your chronic pain, physical rehab and overall wellness regimen will make your body feel the most balanced and best. This complementary integrated medicine may be the missing component to your restorative treatment.

The dedicated massage therapists at CHS work with our physicians to ensure the type of massage you receive is a complement towards yourn treatment and you are receiving the most thorough care.

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