Auto Accident Care

An auto accident is a traumatic experience and often leads to a physical injury. City Health Services understands how severe an untreated or mismanaged whiplash or other injuries can lead to severe pain later. City Health Services uses a holistic approach to auto accident injury recovery. We combine our services of chiropractic care, rehabilitation, massage, and physical medicine to ensure your recovery.

Work Injury Treatment

No one wants an injured employee on the job and everyone benefits from you working pain free. That is why the state of Arizona pays 100% of covered charges for chiropractic care and physical therapy. Don’t let pain be the reason why you miss work or don’t perform your best.

City Health Services has been a trusted provider for all of the Phoenix Valley since 2005. We are able to successfully treat your injury, process claim forms, work with your employer, and return to the job ASAP!

Know The Facts

  • Worldwide back pain is the leading cause of disability, accounting of billions of dollars in missed wages.
  • One of the most common reasons for missed work is half of working Americans admit to having back pain.
  • 80% of Americans admit to having back pain
  • Back and Neck pain is in most cases caused by repetitive mechanical movements at work or in our day-to-day lives.

Frequently Asked Questions

What can mismanaged whiplash lead to?

  • Sciatica
  • Insomnia
  • Depression
  • Inflamed Joints
  • Internal Bleeding
  • Loss/Lack of Mobility

Will my insurance cover auto injury treatment?

CITY Health Services has years of experience working with insurance providers and personal injury lawyers to ensure their patients get the right level of care with minimal out-of-pocket expenses. The team keeps thorough documentation at every appointment to track your progress, so you have evidence to show any relevant parties. They are experts at complying with any necessary regulations while still getting you the care you need.

After an auto accident, you deserve to get the treatment you need to feel healthy and whole as quickly as possible. CITY Health Services is dedicated to delivering it. If you would like to learn more about auto injury treatment, call the office nearest you or schedule an appointment online.

What do we know about the opioid crisis?

  • Roughly 21-29% of patients prescribed opioids for pain misuse them.
  • Between 8-12% of patients develop an opioid disorder.
  • Between 4-6% misuse prescription opioids and transition to heroin.
  • 80% of people who misuse heroin, first misused prescription opioids

Are you ready to put a stop to pain?