Our Approach For A Successful Neuropathy Treatment

Our system is completely proprietary and created over years of treating neuropathy patients using the most cutting-edge products and services.
  1. We first start with a thorough evaluation. Neuropathy has various causes which respond better to different types of treatment. Contributing factors, such as heart disease or chronic spinal pain, will also affect the efficacy of the treatments prescribed.
  2. We go through the history of the condition and the previously tried treatments with their respective outcomes.
  3. An orthopedic and neurological evaluation is conducted to evaluate the overall function of the affected region and document a baseline for future care.
  4. We get a neuro-vascular evaluation using the TM-Flow System to evaluate the various risk factors contributing to peripheral neuropathy.
  5. Punch biopsies are utilized to measure the extent of neuro-vascular damage and provide a baseline for future care.
  6. We then check for palpation of the affected areas to evaluate the effects of edema, muscle and tendinopathies, and skeletal dysfunction.
  7. Then (when necessary), x-rays are taken on-site to evaluate the various skeletal structures contributing to chronic pain and neuropathy.

In the late 1990’s, Dr. A. Lee Dellon of John Hopkins University did groundbreaking research on the causation of peripheral neuropathy. Before Dr. Dellon’s research, it was the accepted belief that peripheral neuropathy was caused by a generalized “lack of blood flow” to the nerves related to the areas associated with peripheral neuropathy. The disconnect is that pedal pulses were typically very strong, even in the presence of peripheral neuropathy.

Through cadaver surgical dissection, Dr. Dellon could identify multiple areas in the upper and lower extremities where major nerves passed beneath ligaments or muscles, and those nerves directly correlated with the distribution of the neuropathy. Based on Dr. Dellon’s dissection research, it was noted that there was ‘micro-circulatory compression’ at the location of the nerve passing beneath the ligament or muscle, thus was termed a ‘crush syndrome’ or‘compression syndrome’ involving the ligaments, muscles, or tendons involved.

RST-Sanexas Treatment Near Me

Our Tailored Neuropathy Treatment Plans

As we mentioned above, Neuropathy treatment isn’t a “one size fits all” there are many causes of pain and many treatment options we have available to you, such as:


  • This revolutionary device uses electric cell signaling to imitate, exhaust, and interrupt neuron function. Every process in our body is controlled by electricity, and this technology reprograms the electric functionality of your nerves. Sanexas is a physics-based practice, not chemical or invasive like many commonly used practices. The vacuum-type cups placed on the skin send specific parameter signals to the body; the amount of electric current it produces will be based on the patient’s condition.
  • If vitamin deficiencies are detected, we will also include Vitamin Based Injections
Physical Medicine
  • Combined utilization of physical therapies, conservative pain management injection techniques, chiropractic care, and massage therapy.
Power Plate
  • The vibration causes a rapid increase in blood flow and lymph flow around the body; it can help lower cortisol levels, prevent inflammatory-related pain, and is highly effective in helping with myofascial release of the muscles.
Vaso pneumatic Compression
  • Compression therapy uses precisely controlled pressure to the extremities, which promotes the circulatory system’s health. This pressure helps promote blood flow and circulation back to the heart. Medical compression garments became popular in the 1950s for treating chronic venous insufficiency, with air pump-powered devices catching on in the medical and athletic communities in the 1990s and early 2000s. The stimulus causes the tissues to experience precise pressure that mimics muscle contractions at rest, causing physiological and neurological responses that can be of therapeutic benefit. These include:
    • Decreased pain and soreness
    • Improved ROM and movement
    • Decreased swelling and stiffness
    • Improved soft tissue and bone healing
    • Increased blood flow, oxygen and nutrient delivery to tissues, clearance of waste products from tissues
    • Protective effects – used pre-exercise can reduce the soreness experienced post-exercise
    • Perceptual responses related to recovery – relaxation, pleasure
Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy
  • Shockwave Therapy is a non-invasive treatment that utilizes an array of low energy acoustic wave pulsations that are administered through the skin of the injured area. Many scientific studies have successfully established shockwaves’ ability to treat chronic conditions by reducing pain and restoring homeostasis. Shockwave therapy is a standalone treatment for an injury or illness-induced pain without drugs or surgery. The point of the procedure is to activate the body’s natural healing response.
Pain Management Injections
  • Trigger point and Orthobiologic Injections


  • The Percutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulator (P.E.N.S.) is a neurostimulation device that sends impulses through electrode arrays. Those electrode arrays are implanted directly into the nerve endings based on the patient’s diagnosis. Additionally, unlike previous historical acupuncture style units, the P.E.N.S. Device is implantable, allowing the complete transmission of electrical impulses. With this new technology, patients have reported relief from the sensation of pain.
Allergy Testing
  • We will test and treat allergies to reduce systemic inflammation.
Nutritional Supplementation
  • The Biogenetix Neuropathy Support Bundle can be used as part of a healthy lifestyle to promote proper function in the face of degenerative neuropathic changes. Neuropathy can be a progressive degenerative process associated with a broad spectrum of lifestyle and environmentally induced metabolic changes. Making healthy lifestyle choices remains key for patient progress, and using the Neuropathy Support Bundle to bolster the
    body’s ability to clean up offending oxidative stress is an ideal way to move forward.

    • Super G Antioxidant – powerful
      combination of NAC and Glutathione
    • BioG-Max B12 – liposome-protected
      methylcobalamin for maximum absorption
    • BioG-Max NAD+ – optimal building blocks
      for rapid NAD+ creation, delivered in
      proprietary liposomal technology
Home Care Kit (view pdf)
  • Our 90-day at home Neuropathy Program consists of the following:
    • Nerve Spa
    • Nerve Beam Cold Laser
    • Quake Plate
    • Nerve Beam LED Wrap
    • Nerve Rebuilder Supplement


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