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Covid-19 has pushed off many of our personal goals. How the goals we did find the time to complete weren’t done to past levels because of time and space constraints. Now with most schools starting up in August, many parents and caregivers have an opportunity to get back on track. And even if you aren’t a caregiver, the best time to start a program of weight reduction is always going to be now.
Medically Supervised Weight Loss
It’s easy to just tell people to eat less and exercise more, but as health professionals it’s necessary to know WHY individuals seek weight loss help. And frankly, the best results come about when people decide they no longer want to live on the sidelines of life. They want to live better and longer lives and be the best version of themselves they can be. They want to go to the dances and concerts, participate in family and community activities, and just be their for events with family or friends. Part of this journey may include:
  • Increasing your self confidence
  • Improving stamina and reducing activity fatigue
  • Extending life by improving heart and lung health
  • Improving self-image and physical shape
  • Reducing pain and discomfort that can result from excessive weight
Under physician supervision we will provide:
  • Customized Program to include Nutrition and Exercise Counseling
  • Body Composition Analytics
  • Proprietary Whey Protein
  • Branched Chain Amino Acids Supplement
  • Pharmaceutical Grade-A Vitamin Supplement
  • Medically-approved Fat Burner Supplement
  • B12 Vitamin Injections
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