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The circulatory system consists of arteries, veins, and capillaries, with capillaries comprising a significant portion, totaling approximately 60,000 miles when laid end to end. It encompasses two main divisions: the cardiovascular system, responsible for regulating blood flow, oxygenation, blood pressure, and heart rate, and the lymphatic system, which aids in immune protection, nutrient provision, and interstitial fluid transport. The brain communicates with the nervous system to regulate both systems, emphasizing their interconnectedness for maintaining homeostasis.

The circulatory system delivers nutrients, oxygen, and hormones to the nervous system while the nervous system transmits electrochemical signals throughout the body. Both systems must function optimally to uphold overall health.

RST-SANEXAS Electric Cell-Signaling Technology (EcST) neoGEN® treatment offers advanced pain management and enhances local blood circulation through painless electro-energy waves. The neoGEN® device delivers electrical impulses to targeted areas, promoting the recovery of damaged cells and tissues. With comprehensive electro-physiologic parameters, it provides non-invasive, safe, and effective Electric Cell-Signaling Treatment (EcST) for various conditions, ensuring high patient compliance and satisfaction. Additionally, A nitric oxide (NO) supplementation supports healthy blood circulation, heart function, immune system strength, energy levels, and blood pressure regulation.

To improve circulatory health and reduce cardiac strain, incorporate Nitric Oxide into your daily routine with one of our recommended nitric oxide supplement. This nutritional boost enhances cardiovascular and circulatory functions, promoting overall heart health. The RST-SANEXAS neoGEN-Series® device offers a comprehensive healthcare solution for various medical settings. For more information on integrating this innovative device into your practice request a free consultation with Dr. Forbes.