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Did you hear the news?

As of last month, the federal mask mandate on airplanes was lifted! That also means it seems the COVID-19 restrictions are behind us but what does this mean for your health and the fact that COVID-19 (along with many other diseases) are still out there?

First Things, First

First, you should know who is at risk and what to do to ensure your body is healthy to fight COVID-19 (along with any other illness) and how we have a special program where you can lose 20, 30, 40+ pounds here at City Health Services.

Last year, the World Obesity Federation did an analysis of COVID-19 mortality data and found a “dramatic correlation” between countries’ death and obesity rates, shedding new light on the role obesity has played in driving a global death toll of over 2.5 million”.

Some key facts with their findings:

  1. Through analysis of Johns Hopkins University virus mortality data and the World Health Organization’s (WHO) data on obesity, the World Obesity Federation—a non-profit associated with the WHO—calculated that 2.2 million of the pandemic’s 2.5 million global deaths were in countries with high levels of obesity.
  2. The report found death rates were 10x higher in countries where more than 50% of the population is overweight, pointing to the U.K. and the U.S. as examples.
  3. The U.K. has the third-highest death rate in the world (184 deaths per 100,000 population) and the fourth-highest obesity rate with 63.7% of adults classifying as overweight, closely followed by the U.S., which has 152.49 deaths per 100,000 and 67.9% of the population living with obesity.
  4. Vietnam, on the other hand, has the lowest Covid-19 death rate in the world (0.04 deaths per 100,000) and reports the second-lowest rate of obesity (18.3% of adults).
  5. The report highlights that there is “not a single example internationally” of a country with low levels of obesity—classified as less than 40% of the population overweight—and high death rates.

While “age has been the predominant focus of analysis of risks of hospitalization and death to date” the summary points out “this report shows for the first time that overweight populations come a close second.”

So now you might be wondering, how do you know if you are obese???

A simple guide to look at:

  • For men, if their body fat percentage is over 25%, they are considered obese.
  • For women, if their body fat percentage is over 32%, they are considered obese.

*According to Obesity Medical Association*

If you are not sure what your body fat percentage is, request an appointment for us to complete a free body fat analysis and to learn about our proprietary Medical Weight Loss program with you.

So, the bigger question to ask yourself, regardless of whether you are pro-mask or anti-mask, pro-vaccine, or anti-vaccine, are you obese and putting yourself at high risk regardless of whether you wear a mask or are vaccinated?

If the answer is yes, then the #1 thing you can do to take control of your health and fitness is to remove yourself from the obese or overweight category to better equip your body to better fight off any type of infection.

How do you start your weight loss journey you might wonder?

Many of our clients start with a first step by doing the following:

  1. Come in for a free consultation to discuss our proprietary Medical Weight Loss program and determine if it is right for you.
  2. Receive a thorough evaluation to determine which program will provide you with the best results.
  3. Commit to the prescribed program, and let our medical professionals guide you to your goals in weight loss and overall health.

So, if you are ready to take your life back, request an appointment for our Medical Weight Loss program.


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