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Give the gift of Massage this season! What better way to unwind from the holiday stresses than a relaxing massage? We offer competitive prices and different types of massage for your needs.


There are many reasons why someone might want a massage. Most people seek massage because it is relaxing, therapeutic, and a great way to let go of the stresses of life!

There are, however, so many other advantages of massage. A typical massage session helps eliminate knots and tight muscles, but with certain techniques (such as trigger point therapy) the massage is more effective at ridding the body of such knots. Massage can also improve function/flexibility, range of motion, and release toxins in the muscles.


Massage is a good gift for most people, even those who suffer from chronic pain, cancer, arthritis, fibromyalgia, etc.

For example, regular massage has been proven to help relieve pain and symptoms of fibromyalgia. A study in 2014 evaluated 404 participants who felt improved pain, depression, and anxiety after 5 weeks of regular massage therapy. (

Our massage therapists also facilitate physical therapy at CHS, so they are very familiar with the pain and symptoms of fibromyalgia. They are experienced in specific stretches and massage techniques to help improve function while easing pain. Patients who suffer from chronic pain or fibromyalgia can improve their symptoms by coupling their physical therapy with massage therapy.


CHS offers single massages purchases as well as massage packages (with reduced massage prices!) These massage packages come at a much greater value than national competitors whose club rates start around $69+ per hour!

CITY Massage offers very competitive massage club rates:

  • One hour massage: $55 per month
  • 2 one hour massages: $95 per month
  • 4 one hour massages: $159 per month

*Massage Club prices require a minimum of 6 months

Need a lunch hour pick me up? Get a 30-minute massage for just $45.

If you would like to give a gift a massage to someone (or treat yourself), it has never been easier! It is simple and convenient. Simply call our office or even sign up online! 

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