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Life can get pretty busy and stressful. Nobody needs to say that twice!  But massage doesn’t have to be a luxury service; it is increasingly used as a supplement to medical treatment programs.

Most people know massage is beneficial for conditions such as stress, anxiety, and headaches. Research from the Mayo Clinic, however, has shown massage is also an effective treatment for soft tissue strains, joint pain, sleep disorders, and immune response.

We offer an integrated approach for our patients at City Health Services, by providing a full suite of traditional and alternative health services such as allergy testing, physical therapy, medical weight loss, trigger point injections, as well as City Massage.


When considering massage, there are several types of massage from which to choose. Below are different massage types to consider:

Swedish massage is the most familiar type of massage. It is based on human anatomy and physiology and uses different strokes to address the patient’s problem areas.  Aromatic essential oils and hot stones may also be incorporated into a Swedish Massage to further enhance relaxation.

Deep tissue massage targets issues within the deep muscle tissue, which is beneficial to those with chronic joint or muscle pain. Despite the name, deep tissue massage should not be a painful process.

Sports Massage is used to help athletes prepare for, or recover from, sports-related strain. In this case, therapists focus primarily on the muscle groups used to play a particular sport.

Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization (or IASTM, also called “gua sha”) is a method that uses instrumentation to help release unhealthy elements, increase blood flow, and promote healing. For those who suffer from chronic headaches, craniosacral massage may be a good choice. It involves the use of light pressure on the soft tissues surrounding the head and spine, thereby manipulating the cerebrospinal fluid inside. These delicate adjustments can help balance your sleep cycle (circadian rhythm) and reduce headaches.

Post-auto accident massage can greatly reduce strain caused by the wreck, and boost any other prescribed therapies during recovery.


At CITY Massage, our therapists are board-certified and have several years of experience in medical settings. Our therapists strive to continue their education through additional training and certifications.

We offer several different add-ons depending on location and therapist, which include but are not limited to:

  • Hot Stone
  • Aromatherapy
  • Cupping
  • Prenatal
  • Cranial Sacral
  • Deep tissue massage
  • Massage therapy for scoliosis

Our Therapists work closely in conjunction with our other staff members such as doctors and physical therapists to ensure your treatment plan is complete.


If you would like to incorporate massage into your medical treatment plan, or would just like to treat yourself, CITY Massage offers a very competitive massage club with the following rates:

One hour massage: $55 per month

2 one hour massages: $95 per month

4 one hour massages: $159 per month

*Massage Club prices require a minimum of 6 months

Need a lunch hour pick me up? Get a 30-minute massage for just $45.

These massage packages come at a much greater value than national competitors whose club rates start around $69+ per hour!

It’s time to start taking care of you and your health, and City Health Services is here to help you. Call or click here to schedule a consultation.

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